DaVinci Synthetic Roof

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Advantages of DaVinci Synthetic roofing


Natural Slate Shingles

Natural slate tiles have been around for centuries. Slate roofs have definitely embedded themselves in the history architecture from being a major part of constructing castles, villas and many historic buildings. They have withstood the test of time. Slate roof is derived from natural stone and not only do they look great, are fire resistant and add great curb appeal to every home. The major downside of the slate roof its weight and price. In today’s architecture where things are not built the way they use to be, synthetic tiles offer a great alternative to slate roofs. Wolf Development is proud to partner with DaVinci roof scape and offer a great synthetic slate tile mimicking natural slate.

Why DaVinci Synthetic Shingles 

Unlike the natural slate, synthetic slate shingles products are much lighter, much more resistant to impact such as hail, they are class A fireproof, cost are about half the installed cost of natural slate shingles. freeze/thaw resistant and not susceptible to mold or algae accumulation.

Davinci composite tiles don’t lose any surface materials unlike asphalt shingles. Ensuring that making the roof looks the same 10,20,30 years from the date it was installed.

Installation of DaVinci vs Slate

The cost of installation of DaVinci Products is also lower because of the labor and prep work that is associated with the labor and amount of handling time.  Natural slate tiles are heavier and made out of solid rock, they can chip, break and need to be handled with a lot more care than Davinci product. Scaffolding is usually required when installing natural slate products and that can be a costly factor that you will need to think about if you are considering natural slate as your roof’s material. Monthly rental of scaffolding for 3000 sq house 50 x 35 would be in a range of 18-22k per month. To give you a comparison: Typical 3000 sq foot house done in slate would take about 8-10 days to complete depending on difficulty of the roof, as oppose to 4-4days if done with Davinci. Davinci tiles are much lighter allowing the installers to easily carry multiple tiles at once and move them around freely around the surface of the roof. The versatility of the products comes in handy especially in difficult installation spots. Tile Cutting is done with a sharp utility knife or a circular saw. Most of the finishing touches such as valleys, wall transitions, skylights, chimneys flashing and counter flashings are done in copper to make the roof stand out, preserve it longevity and replicate the look of the natural slate roof as close as possible.

Cedar Shake Options

DaVinci also offers a wide range of synthetic tiles that replicate the look of a cedar shake roof. It is a great alternative without the hassle of maintenance and upkeep of the natural cedar shake. As we dived into 2020-21 the lumber prices have skyrocketed, and we see a big push in alternative materials such as DaVinci Cedar shake, due to the cost and benefits of synthetic tiles. Cedar shake synthetic tiles are designed using natural cedar shake to replicate exact look of a real cedar tiles. Unlike cedar shake Davinci Products also don’t crack, split, curl up or cup even under most severe weather conditions. Installation is much also smoother process in comparison to Cedar shake. It avoids unnecessary breakage and chipping of the materials as it is installed.

Variety of DaVinci Products

Both Slate and Cedar tiles come in variety of widths and lengths, single width and multi-width choices, allowing a customer to fully customize the design and the look of their home. We see more homeowners are switch to Davinci composite roof tiles because of its versatility, cost and durability. All Davinci products come with Class A Fire Rating, Class 4 Impact Rating, are wind certified to 110 mph and come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Cost of the DaVinci Vs slate roof  

Installation of Davinci products will cost about $15-$18 per square foot, as oppose to $28-36 per square foot for installation of natural slate roof. When considering the roof, you also need to take into account the material used for accessories mentioned above. We at Wolf Development recommend copper because of its long-lasting advantages and unbeatable aesthetic appeal.

Davinci Roof tiles are a great alternative for slate or cedar roof without sacrifice of style and character of your homes curb appeal.

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